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Our unique approach to animation training which focuses on the current needs of the industry, AKAC teaches its
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West Jordan, UT 84081
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Features In Netflix Clone
Admin Panel
Netflix Clone also provides the highly secured admin panel for the administrator to manage the whole clone from the separate admin dashboard like tracking the individual user, the content on the app, managing the subscription plans, etc all can be accessible and manageable from the admin panel itself very easily.

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Kai Yu is a young filmmaker and director from Lucerne (Switzerland).
Kai has already developed a passion for filming at a young age - so he shot his first short film at the age of 10.
He later turned his greatest hobby into his education and attended the multimedia school of the Projektklasse Luzern, where he learned filming and photography.
After four years in the Projektklasse Luzern, he began his training as a mediamatician.
A dream come true.
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